Leadership team

Patrick Cantin
Patrick Cantin
Executive Vice-President
As Executive Vice-President, Patrick establishes the strategic guidelines for our three business units: MediSolution, SoftInfo and SIMMS. Patrick started his career in the organization in 2006 under the GFI banner (now part of MediSolution).
He provides leadership for our teams and supports their initiatives. Furthermore, he actively participates in the acquisitions undertaken by Harris (QCHC division) in Canada.
Benoit Chiasson
Benoit Chiasson
Sales and Marketing Vice-President
Having held executive positions within media groups and renowned advertising agencies, Benoit joined MediSolution in 2017.
His role is to develop a nationwide client-base and underlying revenues. Benoit and his team manage all communications and marketing activities, including branding and digital platforms.
Véronique Nadeau
Véronique Nadeau
Operations Vice-President, Clinical Solutions
A medical technologist by profession, Véronique is in charge of the Clinical division. She oversees the operations of our affiliated companies: SoftInfo and SIMMS, both specialized in healthcare and medical imaging.
Before joining our team, Véronique spent several years at one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Canada.
Francis Colette
Francis Collette
Research and Development Vice-President
Francis studied in mathematics and computer sciences. He leads the Research and Development (R&D) department since 2011. His team of more than 60 employees develops and maintains the company's software suites. With over 35 years' experience in IT, his contribution is very beneficial to our clientele.
Intrapreneur by nature, Francis is also an avid sportsman with a passion for cycling and running.
Natalie Pinsonnault
Natalie Pinsonnault
Operations Vice-President, Administrative solutions
Natalie leads the Professional Service teams in implementation, customer service and consulting activities for our administrative solutions. She began her career as a programmer analyst and gradually took on managerial positions. She studied computer science and accounting.
Marcel Larocque
Marcel Larocque, P. Eng
Vice-President of Special projects
A true mentor for the management team, Marcel oversees projects related to organizational advancement, tools, infrastructure and technology. Throughout his career, Marcel acted as Executive Vice-President, Vice-President of R&D and Vice-President of Professional Services for MediSolution. He also played an active role in the success of various acquisitions and their integration.
Engineer with a master’s degree in Applied Sciences, Marcel loves to travel and enjoys the outdoors.

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