MediSolution offers a best in class digitization solution
March 22, 2018

Eliminate manual data entry, assign your employees to value-added tasks… switch to a paperless environment with Virtuo-SenSaaS!

MediSolution associates with INTEGRIM and introduces Virtuo-SenSaaS.  SenSaaS automates the processing of supplier invoices and other documents by archiving data in a secure environment.

Virtuo SV FMS users process supplier invoices either by manual data entry and filing or by scanning and electronic archiving. Accounts payables can be automated with Virtuo-SenSaaS. The process consists of data extraction using powerful technologies, validation, matching process and quality control. Virtuo-SenSaas integrates scanned data into Virtuo using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

What are the benefits?


  • Eliminate manual invoice entry
  • Archive documents electronically
  • Perform value-added tasks


  • Optimize time and approval process with faster access to data
  • Reduce error risk Improve administrative operational efficiency by at least 25%
  • Move toward a paperless environment

Automate manual data entry, undertake a green shift and maximize administrative tasks with Virtuo-SenSaaS.

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This product is currently available for the Quebec market only.