Product Releases Enhancing the Virtuo Experience !
August 27, 2018

The list of enhancements and fixes for the Virtuo and Virtuo MIS suites is now available!

Here are a few highlights :

1. Virtuo HR Release 2018.1

  • Personnel
    • Documents (.pdf, .doc, .docx and .txt) can be attached to Employee Appraisal, Benefit, Disciplinary, Wellness, Union Grievance forms
    • In the Career Details form, users can back out from saving when the hourly rate change is incorrect
  • Recruitment
    • Yes or No button can be selected for the vacancy question
  • Self-Service: eManager
    • Disciplinary and Performance documents can be attached
    • Multiple levels of approval for Request for Staff
    • Summary page to show all vacancies overseen by the manager and the applicant information for each vacancy
  • Self-Service: ePeople
    • Selection fields can be configured to be hidden on pages
    • T4 statements for VP clients
    • Employees can recall an LOA request if the manager has not processed the request
  • Self-Service: User manager
    • Login history and a daily report on Updates from ePeople/ eManager

2. Virtuo HR Release 2018.2

  • Recruitment
    • Decimal values can be entered for the Number of years attended field regarding candidate education
    • Audit log for deleted candidate applications
  • Personnel
    • Users can edit the Request for termination field for leavers
  • eManager
    • Immunization link to eManager
    • Multiple email notification groups (based on payroll company) for termination requests can be defined

    3. ePeople / eManager Release 5.5
    • Technology upgrade from MAPI to SMTP for more robust email notification functionality

    4. Virtuo MIS Release 2018.2
    • Accounts Receivable
      • Multiple adjustments can be processed at the same time in Activity Entry
      • OHIP Billing scoping option on the service date only shows charges that occurred before the specified date
      • Page numbering enabled on Receipts
    • Financial Management
      • Enhanced Discovery XL Report Wizard to create reports based on combinations of Department and Secondary codes
    • Human Capital Management System
      • Default benefit setup based on Groups
      • Third Gender option
      • Corporation Name for T4A reporting
      • Temporary reactivation for terminated employees when performing a retroactive pay
      • Employee search by group

    5. Virtuo Payroll Release 4.4
    • Batch tagging ROEs
    • Lump Sum taxation based on the amount advised
    • Special Status can be defined and corresponding tax implications will be captured
    • Ability to specify by Time Code, including tax overrides per code
    • New reports

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