Virtuo MIS - New update available!
December 3, 2018

by Feryal Badili

MediSolution announces Virtuo MIS Build 2018.2. The second update in 2018 for Virtuo MIS includes more than 20 new features and enhancements to the Human Capital Management, Accounts Receivable, Financial Management, DiscoveryXL, and Materials Management suites and modules. Notable updates include the ability to filter OHIP claims by service date (Accounts Receivable), a new Benefits Grid (Human Capital Management), new wizards (DiscoveryXL), updates on Purchase Orders (Supply Chain Management) and many more. See the following list for a detailed overview of the new update.

More than 20 new features and enhancements!

Human Capital Management

New Benefits Grid

Retro Calculations

  • Retro Calculations have been enhanced. Reactivation for terminated employees or selection of specific employees is no longer needed.

Personal Information Screen

  • Added a 3rd gender option

Accounts Receivable

    New Mass Adjustment feature

    OHIP Claims

      • Added ability to filter OHIP claims by service date

        Work Queues

          • New option for the Work Queues interface so that non-billable charges can be deleted overnight

          Financial Management

            Enhancements in Reports and Validations

            Enhancements in Invoice Reconciliation

            EFT Reporting

              • The Bank Code and Purchase Order (PO) numbers have been added to the EFT Report in EFT Documents
              • The Purchase Order (PO) number has been added to the Email Remittances sent out to vendors

                General Ledger

                  • The General Ledger Trial Balance Report can now be exported to Excel with the report header appearing only on the first page

                  Continuity Schedule Detail

                  • Asset description was added to the Continuity Schedule Detail View

                  Asset Management Reports Module

                  • Project by Asset report was added to the module


                  New DV Formula and Wizard utilizing Department Codes

                  • This will allow users to create reports using a combination of departments and secondary codes.

                  Add Detail Wizard

                  • Added account group levels to the search and field selection options

                  Accounts Receivable

                  • A new drilldown to the AR activity is now available. The drilldown now shows all of the tabs from AR Activities

                  Year to Date values

                  • Added drilldown to the Year to Date values. When a user selects a year to date formula and drills, they will be able to see all entries from the beginning of the fiscal year to the current period

                  Material Management

                  System PO

                  • System PO recommendations now have a permanent database table. Allowing for an audit of System PO changes


                  • All EDI documents are now replicated to their own local SQL database tables allowing for quicker access to the EDI data

                  Purchase Orders

                  • All Purchase Orders are now Single Site only allowing for better matching of purchase orders, receiving reports and invoices
                  • Added a drag and drop method to attaching documents to the PO Documents tab
                  • When viewing an Open PO, the Reopen PO icon will change to Close PO. It will remain as Reopen PO when viewing Closed POs

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