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Do you receive job applications by fax or email?

Does your HR team spend hours manually entering data into your system?

If so, the Virtuo HR eRecruit module is for you. In the last few years  there's been a massive explosion in the use of the Internet as a recruiting tool. This growth has been driven by the following advantages:

How it Works

Virtuo HR eRecruit is a module designed to publish vacancies to your website and then receive candidate applications electronically, removing the burden of manual keying-in for the recruiter and the HR team.

Vacancies can be browsed either by category or by selecting from a list of potential candidates. A candidate profile can be created without the need for applying for a position enabling speculative applications.

Candidate Profile

A visitor can easily register as a candidate and create their own secure profile allowing them to log back in at any time to track the progress of an application which reduces the administration time handling phone calls or emails from applicants. Document storage is available which allows the candidate to store as many documents as required and attach them to the application form for a specific vacancy. The “Application Form Builder “ allows the recruiter to configure as many application forms as required and apply them to individual vacancies, so when a candidate applies the recruiter gets the relevant data for each vacancy. The application form can include:

  • Reduced time to fill vacancies therefore lower cost per application
  • A more efficient recruitment process saving time and money
  • Allowing HR staff to focus on value-adding activity rather than administration
  • An online application that creates a good first impression for potential employees
  • Computerization means that more applicants can be processed

All data is stored inside a candidate's profile allowing them to apply for another position without re-keying any data.

On-Line Application Submission

The applicant screening process ensures that, o nce the application form has been submitted,the recruitment database is kept free of fake applications - a n immediate time-saving benefit for the HR administration team. The import routine creates the record within the core Virtuo HR eRecruit module. Once the candidate has been imported, they are part of the recruitment database.

With the skills, experience, and market knowledge of MediSolution behind you, your organization will be well positioned to translate the HR challenges into powerful opportunities.

Available in English only.

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