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Virtuo HR is MediSolution’s advanced software solution designed to provide healthcare human resource managers with a powerful and user-friendly administrative toolset. Virtuo HR is a field-proven system that provides HR professionals with the tools they need to manage employee information across the entire organization while ensuring smooth integration with payroll, scheduling and financial systems.

The Virtuo HR’s Recruitment module manages and facilitates the administration of all aspects of the recruitment process, including tracking recruitment costs and candidate competencies.

This module is a robust and specialized tool designed to streamline and increase the effectiveness of the entire recruiting process. Important recruitment information regarding vacancies and the costs incurred to fill them, as well as details on candidates, their education and licences/certification is captured and stored. In addition, one can see where candidates are in the recruitment process, pre-employment checks, their competencies and the results of any reference checks. Once a candidate is hired, the information can be moved into the Personnel Module, eliminating additional data entry.

The Recruitment module seamlessly links with Microsoft Word® to efficiently produce recruitment documents, such as standard acknowledgement, interview, regret and offer letters. Templates for these documents can be user-defined and populated with information from the recruitment database. Letters and documents can be printed and distributed or emailed directly to the candidates. Quick and efficient communication is critical in hiring the best candidates.

Virtuo HR’s Recruitment module also supports a union environment where internal processes must be followed to fill vacancies. If internal recruitment is not successful, the module provides a variety of tools to fill vacancies as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.


The Vacancy Details screen contains all pertinent data related to each vacancy. Each vacancy has a unique vacancy reference. Once a Job and/or position is selected from the drop-down table, all data associated with it will automatically populate from the Personnel module. The job description and job posting are embedded in Microsoft Word documents and are attached to each vacancy. The information for each vacancy can be easily copied to another vacancy by clicking on the Vacancy Copy button. This is especially useful when creating multiple vacancies for like positions.

In addition, this screen offers data on ‘time to recruit’ and ‘time to close’, interviewers and venue for the interview, requirements for the vacancy and competencies required for the vacancy. A competency matching tool is available that will match all suitable candidates to open vacancies.

Why Choose the Recruitment Module

The Recruitment module helps healthcare HR professionals manage all aspects of the recruitment process. It provides critical information that speeds up and facilitates recruitment so you can hire the best available candidates. Recruitment costs for each individual hire are tracked throughout the process.

Available in English only.

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