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In today’s challenging business climate, all organizations are facing increased pressure to tightly control costs and optimize budgets. In healthcare environments where labour costs typically represent over 80% of the operating budget, management of salaries and overtime through the implementation of efficient scheduling is paramount to controlling costs, balancing patient care and ensuring employee satisfaction.

Healthcare organizations are choosing Virtuo’s scheduling and workforce management solution to help them reduce costs and enhance employee morale and productivity. The Virtuo Scheduling system provides a versatile and efficient solution for:

Powered by Loki’s workforce management system, Virtuo Scheduling provides a flexible solution to suit your entire workforce, from the Chief Nursing Officer to on-call casual staff, while supporting the organization’s overall financial and administrative needs.

Staffing variables in healthcare are unique. Availability, seniority, expertise, multiple-job environments, labour agreements and multiple worksites complicate manual scheduling and payroll tasks. Virtuo Scheduling is designed to factor in these variables while automating and streamlining processes for greater efficiency.

Maximize the Potential of Your Most Valuable Asset

More than three-quarters of the total operating budget in the healthcare sector is dedicated to staffing. With so much invested in this important asset, it’s critical to have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Virtuo Scheduling reduces the time and effort required in scheduling employees. You can easily:

Reduce Costs and Administrative Burden

Adjusting to consolidation in healthcare delivery systems has been a difficult process for the entire sector, requiring organizations to re-establish trust and build confidence within their workforces. Many employees now work in several facilities and contract with multiple organizations resulting in greater pressures on scheduling and payroll procedures. Virtuo Scheduling removes the margin for error and ensures consistency and accuracy, leaving staff to focus on patient care. The Virtuo scheduling solution considers:

Employee Empowerment and Satisfaction

The job of balancing patient care, budgets and employee satisfaction is the biggest challenge in any healthcare organization. Offering flexibility and accessibility is a smart and effective way to increase employee morale, one of the key elements for higher retention. The employee self-service capability is available 24 hours through a web-interface, enabling employees to:

The Virtuo Scheduling Advantage

Save time by reducing administrative workload for staff scheduling, absence and leave management by 50%, and payroll data preparation by up to 90%.
Improve accuracy by automating time and attendance tracking, complex pay rules and pay rate calculations, and avoid duplication of data entry.
Lower costs by reducing overstaffing, overtime expenses, pay errors, retroactive adjustments and labour grievances.
Increase productivity by reducing time spent by supervisors on administrative tasks, automating frequent business processes, optimizing the deployment of skilled employees, and reducing labour grievances.
Improve decision-making with real-time management reports and analytical insight into productivity and performance.

Pressures on the healthcare system increase every year. Patient demands, nursing shortages and higher costs require creative and reliable solutions. Hundreds of healthcare organizations across North America are using the Virtuo Scheduling and Payroll solution to manage their workforce, payroll and scheduling needs. With seamless implementation and dedicated technical support and service, our clients enjoy an impressive return on investment.

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