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Virtuo HR is MediSolution’s advanced software solution designed to provide healthcare human resource managers with a powerful and user-friendly administrative toolset. Virtuo HR is a field-proven system that provides HR professionals with the tools they need to manage employee information across the entire organization while ensuring smooth integration with payroll, scheduling and financial systems.

Virtuo HR has two self-service modules that enhance the functionality of the solution. eManager provides managers with instant online access, via an Intranet, to important employee data needed to manage on a day-to-day basis. ePeople provides employees with online access, via an Intranet, to their personal information, open vacancies and available training courses. This access empowers employees to manage their own data which fosters job satisfaction and employee retention.

eManager Module

With eManager, healthcare managers have real-time information to help them manage their employees more effectively. Having immediate access to employee data, such as career development, disciplinary history and attendance, allows managers to make timely decisions, which increase the productivity of the human assets they manage. Healthcare HR professionals can fill job vacancies more rapidly and with the best candidates when they have real-time information access with which to match candidates to job openings.

Up-to-date and accurate web-based access to management reports provides HR professionals with salary modelling and competency matching functionality to support strategic decisions on hiring and granting wage increases.

The ‘Absence’ icon provides managers with a colour-coded calendar view of absenteeism for the employees who report to them. The manager can also add information to this screen to help spot absentee trends in the calendar.

ePeople Module

With ePeople, employees using an Intranet can log on and access their personal data stored within Virtuo HR. They can search for other (non-sensitive) data about their organization. An online phone book offers a work extension and an automatic e-mail link to other employees. The Vacancies section allows for searches of current vacancies, and employees can apply for these positions online. They can also view details about training courses and reserve a space on the waiting list.

Employees can click on the icons or access their information from the menus. The ‘Personal Information’ icon takes employees to their personal data. Using this menu, an employee can navigate to additional screens that provide career, pay, benefit, vacation, absence, dependant, emergency contacts, and personal development details.

ePeople can be configured to allow an employee to enter or change data stored within the system. If this configuration is chosen, the application is equipped with automatic approval routing so that changes can be viewed, accepted, or rejected before the database is updated.

ePeople also has the option of guest access. Guests have access to all but the Personal Information icon. While the configuration is user-defined, guests have access to vacancy and training course information. This provides a viable start to the recruitment process and allows outside people and patients to register for training courses that are being offered.

Why Choose the Self Service Modules?

eManager provides healthcare HR managers with real-time access to important employee data they need to manage on a day-to-day basis. This module facilitates hiring the best candidates who do not stay on the market very long.

ePeople provides employees with access to their personal information, including vacancies and available training courses. This access provides employees with the feeling that they are part of the HR process and fosters job satisfaction and employee retention. Many organizations that have tracked employee turnover rates prior to implementing Virtuo HR claim a marked decrease in turnover, which they credit to ePeople's functionality.

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