The 2019 User Group Meetings are on!
October 9 to 24, 2019
MediSolution has a long tradition of frequently communicating with clients.

Our Business Analysts and Product Specialists have daily communications with the users of our software to address issues, explain new features, provide training, and discuss user requests.

An integral part of our communications with clients is the series of our annual User Group Meetings during which our product specialists, software developers, and esteemed users confer and discuss:
  • existing software functionalities
  • best practices
  • workarounds and solutions for existing issues
  • upcoming features
  • prioritizing most wanted features for future updates
This year, we decided, instead of meetings to host a series for webinars.

That way we hope we can accommodate our users' schedules better and also offer the flexibility to attend the sessions they wish, without needing to leave their posts.

Each of MediSolution's software suites will have a dedicated webinar according to the following schedule:

Virtuo MIS
Accounts Receivable
October 9th, 2019, 1 PM - 3 PM EST

Human Capital Management
October 10th, 2019, 1 PM - 4 PM EST

Supply Chain Management
October 17th, 2019, 1 PM - 3 PM EST

October 23rd, 2019, 1 PM - 4 PM EST

October 24th, 2019, 1 PM - 4 PM EST

To register for the webinars, click on the dedicated links above.

We hope you enjoy our webinars and find them interesting and motivating!