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Accounts Receivable

The Virtuo MIS Accounts Receivable Management Suite (Virtuo MIS AR) allows you to isolate high-risk receivables and improve cash management. It features an online aged trial balance complete with activity drill-down.

The Virtuo MIS comprehensive Accounts Receivable and Billing solutions work seamlessly with Virtuo MIS Financial Management, and include the following modules:

AR Manager

The Virtuo MIS AR Manager maintains most user-defined default settings utilized by all the Virtuo MIS Accounts Receivable and Billing modules. Easy one-time entry of information such as recipient and guarantor details, service codes, and payment types allow for a flexible pricing and accounting structure.


Global setup


Receivable Type


Activity Entry

Virtuo MIS Activity Entry facilitates multiple methods of charge entry, as well as the means to process adjustments individually or en masse.


Virtuo MIS Invoicing provides flexibility in creating predefined or on-demand output for invoices and statements, plus options for collections and electronic billing.

Cash Receipts

Virtuo MIS Cash Receipts accommodates payments for patient and non-patient receivables, miscellaneous income, and electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Cash Management

Virtuo MIS Cash Management tools give you control over day-to-day cash transactions in multiple locations across your organization.


Virtuo MIS AR Reports provides a comprehensive set of management tools to track receivables and reconcile accounts.

Trust Accounting

Virtuo MIS Trust Accounting allows you to set up multiple trust accounts that track personal valuables and comfort account balances.

OHIP Billing/MSP Billing

Virtuo MIS OHIP Billing and MSP Billing modules provide claim, remittance, and reporting features for Ontario and British Columbia provincial health billing, respectively.

Available in English only.

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