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Human Resources

Human Resources

Virtuo Human Resources (HR) is a proven software solution designed specifically to streamline and simplify the complex administration of a healthcare facility’s most important resource – its people. Virtuo HR provides the critical information needed to manage and track the details and costs behind recruitment and retention, two of the most important functions in a healthcare HR department. The system also provides the functionality to share critical data - which includes employee demographics, absences, career and salary information, and benefits and banking details - between departments, ensuring its integrity and accuracy.

Virtuo HR improves employee retention by tracking employees’ core competencies and skills and placing them on appropriate career paths. The system’s web-based modules provide healthcare managers and employees with self-service access to information that decreases administrative tasks and increases employee satisfaction and retention.

Virtuo HR is a key component in MediSolution’s integrated Virtuo Human Capital Management Suite which includes payroll, scheduling, time and attendance and business intelligence modules. Together these products and services allow healthcare facilities to access and manage all aspects of their most valuable resource.

MediSolution has over 35 years of experience in developing and installing healthcare information and resources management systems. As a result, we have developed high-quality implementation, training, consulting and customer service teams comprised of specialists with many years of experience in complex human resources and payroll environments.


Virtuo HR is MediSolution’s advanced software solution designed to provide healthcare human resources managers with a powerful and user-friendly administrative toolset. Virtuo HR is a field-proven system that provides HR professionals with the tools they need to manage employee information across the entire organization while ensuring smooth integration with payroll, scheduling and financial systems.

The Virtuo HR product suite has six modules: Personnel, Training, Recruitment, eManager, ePeople and eRecruit. eManager, ePeople and eRecruit are web-based applications that encompass the entire Virtuo HR suite, providing managers and employees with access to selected, dynamic HR information via a corporate Intranet or the Internet. Virtuo HR’s flexible architecture allows healthcare facilities to easily modify each module to accommodate their specific HR processes and needs.

Benefits at a glance

  • Stores and provides access to all information relating to healthcare employees’ roles, departments and divisions.
  • Provides business processes, diary and event scheduling tools to enhance workflow by automating key HR activities.
  • Integrates and manages a healthcare facility’s specific policies and practices.
  • Offers seamless desktop Integration to standard desktop applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, Org Plus and Visio.
  • Provides email connectivity to facilitate distribution of letters and reports to healthcare professionals.
  • Offers a wide range of standard healthcare-oriented HR reports.
  • Creates an unlimited number of customized reports with user-friendly report writing tools.
  • Offers unrivalled flexibility to ensure long-term value through customization with embedded development tools.
  • Assists with HR document management.


  • Personnel Module stores and provides instant access to all critical employee information and also facilitates appraisals and job evaluations with links to mandated training data.
  • Recruitment Module manages the recruitment process, tracking recruitment costs and candidate competencies.
  • Training Module manages all aspects of the employee’s training, including tracking of training needs, courses taken , competencies achieved, course and booking management, and identifying costs by cost center.
  • eManager provides managers with instant access to important employee data needed to manage on a day-to-day basis.
  • ePeople provides employees with self-service access to their personnel information, including vacancies and available training courses.
  • eRecruit publishes internal and external vacancies to your website streamlining on-line applicant tracking.

Why choose Virtuo HR?

Virtuo HR is a total healthcare human resource administration solution.

All of the tools needed to effectively manage a healthcare HR department are found in the Virtuo HR application.

Our 35 years of healthcare experience coupled with this comprehensive toolset provides a compelling business reason for selecting Virtuo HR as your healthcare HR administration solution.

Available in English only.

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