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Virtuo HR is MediSolution’s advanced software solution designed to provide healthcare human resource managers with a powerful and user-friendly administrative toolset. Virtuo HR is a field-proven system that provides HR professionals with the tools they need to manage employee information across the entire organization while ensuring smooth integration with payroll, scheduling and financial systems.

The Virtuo HR Training module consists of career development, tracking of training courses taken and cost management.

Career Development

Based on an employee’s performance appraisal, training needs can be defined. The Personnel, eManager or Training module can all be points of entry to this information. A personal development plan can be created, with goals defined that can be general or represent specific targets.

Training Courses

The ‘Courses’ sub-menu includes data on Courses and Course Competencies, and the ‘Organization’ sub-menu provides information for maintaining training budget data by cost center as well as the division, department and job screens that are common to the Personnel module. The ‘Resource and Suppliers’ screen provides a database of external and/or internal resources, suppliers and tutors that may be required in the offering of a training course.

The ‘Course Details’ screen offers information concerning the duration of a course (in hours and days), the specific or usual resources required, the costs associated with the course and a list of any delegates that have been put on the waiting list for this course, which is automatically generated when bookings for a course exceed the maximum number of delegates. The course brochure is also electronically attached to this screen. Once an instance is created for a course, the course resources will automatically be booked for the date and time required for the course. If a conflict of resources occurs, Virtuo HR will give a warning and ask to book other resources.

Finally, Virtuo HR's Training Module provides a Bookings screen to book both internal and external participants to the course. A warning message will be provided if a participant has already taken the course. Confirmation letters can be automatically produced to confirm bookings. Each attendee's ‘Training and Qualifications’ record is automatically updated for each training course completed.

Cost Management

The ‘Courses’ sub-menu includes data on Courses and Course Competencies, and the ‘Organization’ sub-menu provides information for maintaining training budget data.

Why Choose the Training Module?

Training is critical in today’s healthcare environment. Every healthcare professional is required to stay current on the latest patient care delivery techniques and developments. It is important that your facility has a system that can track each employee’s competencies and the matriculation process toward achieving those competencies.

Available in English only.

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