Customer Support

MediSolution is committed to providing exceptional customer support and service for any of our product offerings.

MediSolution customer support is set up to respond to your short and long-term needs. We are committed to service excellence and maintaining lasting partnerships with our customers. We will continue to improve our products and services and evolve at the same pace as your business.

Customer support goals

Our customer support goals are simple:

  • offer unparalleled service and support that goes beyond the expectations of our customer;
  • provide customers greater independence ensuring effective knowledge transfer on products;
  • understand the unique needs of our customers by listening.
  • We take these goals seriously. MediSolution has created a technical support structure, staffed by a team of experts who will ensure that your systems are always up and running.

    Multi-level Customer Support

    The MediSolution support team is determined to achieve their goals. Experts from various backgrounds with expertise in the field of customer service are available to meet and exceed your needs.

    • Toll Free Line - Free access to our technical support centers.
    • Remote access - Members of our support team can provide remote troubleshooting services.
    • Correction of software defects - Includes all product corrections.
    • Automated Call Center - With advanced software, all calls to the service center are reported, monitored and handled by a single centralized system.
    • Updates - Includes add-ons and extensions.
    • Reports - Summary of activities reported in Technical Assistance Center.
    • Customer Communication - Product updates and changes to meet legislative requirements.
    • User Groups - Product focused conference offering updates and insights on the use of our solutions, guest speakers and a forum for customer requested enhancements.