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Decision Support

As a CFO faced with economic uncertainty, you need to know that you can plan, budget, execute, monitor and report results with timeliness and accuracy. Rather than spending hours looking for information or wait days or weeks for someone else to find it for you, you can use DiscoveryXL.

Virtuo MIS DiscoveryXL module is a powerful decision support solution that puts every bit of financial and statistical data at your fingertips -- in the user-friendly format you specify -- no matter when, where, and how you need it.

DiscoveryXL is the premier reporting engine for the Virtuo MIS General Ledger. It enables instantaneous access to any GL report, including all of the GL detail behind each account and the transaction detail from any subsystem of the GL. It automatically translates massive amounts of GL data into cohesive business intelligence that you and every decision-maker in your organization can use to track, manage, understand, and guide your enterprise.



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