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Materials Management

As the hub of our source-to-settlement supply chain solution, our Materials Management software effortlessly increases the efficiency of materials management staff and processes to reduce spend transaction and other materials management costs.

Wasted time and effort are eliminated across the supply chain because data is centrally stored and shared online among relevant applications, processes, and people to create a paperless materials management environment.

By streamlining and automating many related processes and integrating fully with accounts payable and other critical business processes and functions, Virtuo MIS reduces errors, costs, waste, and stock-outs while enhancing your ability to:


The Manager is an important component of our seamlessly integrated Materials Management solution because it allows you to guide and oversee your entire MM system.

Full integration with our Virtuo MIS (xchange) and Viruto MIS Accounts Payable ensures a seamless source-to-settlement solution that:

Inventory Control

With Virtuo MIS Inventory Control you can:

Invoice Reconciliation

Virtuo MIS Invoice Reconciliation creates three-way integration from Receiving to Accounts Payable to Inventory Control for fast and easy reconciliation with no invoice rekeying.

When an invoice is adjusted, Virtuo MIS Invoice Reconciliation automatically updates inventory prices and department expenses to eliminate reconciliation issues and time.


With Virtuo MIS Issuing you can:


A key component of an integrated MM system, Virtuo MIS Purchasing reduces spend transaction inefficiencies and costs.

For even greater savings, Purchasing can be seamlessly linked to Accounts Payable to eliminate reconciliation problems and to the Virtuo MIS B2B portal for time-saving e-commerce transactions and communication with merchants.

With Virtuo MIS Purchasing you can:


With Virtuo MIS Receiving you can:


Virtuo MIS Reporting significantly enhances your ability to create and distribute meaningful information -- to a variety of stakeholders, for any number of purposes -- in a timely and concise manner:

Returned Goods Memo

With Virtuo MIS Returned Goods Memo you can:

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