Introducing the new Virtuo Payroll 2020.1!
July 8, 2020

MediSolution is pleased to introduce the new Virtuo Payroll 2020.1!

The new Virtuo Payroll 2020.1 includes more than 20 new features and enhancements!

  • New Employee Wizard - The new employee wizard has been updated to automatically assign the hire date to all fields requiring a date.
  • Mass ROE Wizard - Clients can indicate which employees should have an ROE and what information should be applied globally.
  • Hours Group and Formula Fields – Statutory Holidays - If a client chooses a statutory holiday to be applied to part-time employees, both the formula and hour group fields will be mandatory.
  • Excel Import - 2020.1 continues to build on the Excel Import feature with the following enhancements:
    • Validation Enhancement - increased validation of data fields to ensure that only correct data is sent to the engine.
    • Ability to cancel - when there are missing or incorrect data during the import the user is now able to cancel the import.

...and more

Customers may download and read the release notes from the Medi360 portal (Downloads/User Guides section) and share the news with the Payroll, HR and IT support teams of your organization to inform them about the new update and its enhancements If you or your team have any questions, do not hesitate to create a ticket through Medi360.