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Supply Chain Management

The hospital supply chain is the place to start.


Materials Management
Inventory Sales

Ensure every dollar spent is well-spent

Virtuo MIS Healthcare Supply Chain Management (SCM) offers strategic opportunities for process efficiencies that reduce the loaded cost of supplies and equipment, increase the productivity of every dollar and minute spent, enhance patient outcomes, and improve staff morale. Simultaneously.

The most significant savings are achieved by re-engineering your source-to-settlement process to eliminate the bottlenecks, redundant work, and other inefficiencies that prevent you from accessing these benefits. Virtuo MIS (SCM) enables your staff with built-in best practices that guarantee you will achieve your goals.

Virtuo MIS Supply Chain Management (SCM), coupled with state-of-the-art Virtuo MIS (xchange) e-Commerce services integrates and automates all relevant business processes in and outside your organization to massively abbreviate your supply chain across multiple locations and entities.

Materials Management is more reliable. Accounting work is minimized.
And healthcare providers are freed to direct their time and attention to patient care.

Maximum Efficiency

The fully automated and integrated Virtuo MIS solution leads employees through seamless, best practice supply chain processes directed at the goals you set. Powerful e-commerce is built into every Virtuo MIS application, eliminating manual data entry and errors from your system. Automated alert messaging keeps everyone focused and notified of critical time-sensitive processes requiring their attention.

Total Financial Control

Recurring purchases are on-contract and ad hoc purchases are approved in advance and sent to electronic tender. Supply costs are reduced by automating and integrating the sourcing, tendering, contracting, purchasing, reconciliation, and payment processes. Consolidated supply chain management - centralized contracting, purchasing, warehousing, and payables, with decentralized receiving - increases negotiating leverage, keeps inventory levels down and reduces stock-outs.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

Fully customizable data filtering (by user or type of user) keeps everyone focused - across multiple sites and organizations - without information overload. You are fully informed at all times and can absolutely trust every number, with deep drill-down to the source of every transaction.

Full integration with our Virtuo MIS (xchange) and Virtuo MIS Accounts Payable ensures a seamless source-to-settlement solution that:

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