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ePS and eT4

ePS & eT4

One of the primary functions of an organization’s Payroll team is providing information in regards to the employees’ pay. Apart from the employees themselves, the relevant information must also reach the CRA and RQ (if required) in a timely fashion, with accuracy also being of critical importance.

The electronic issuance of pay statements and year-end tax forms provides both employees and organizations with a timely, reliable, and convenient way to access information about employees’ pay.

Furthermore, the use of electronic pay statements alleviates the need for printing and mailing documents to employees, providing a way for the organization to save on time, money, and resources.

For organizations that use Virtuo Payroll, ePS and eT4 are two easy-to-use software modules that allow the distribution of electronic pay statements and tax forms. The process is quick, effortless and allows employees to download their statements and forms by visiting a secure and easy-to-use web page.

For organizations that use Virtuo HR, in conjunction with Virtuo Payroll, ePS and eT4 can be combined with ePeople, allowing employees to access their tax forms and pay statements through their organization’s secure intranet.

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