Virtuo HR eRecruit - Update out now!
March 6, 2019

eRecruit 2.3.46 - More than 10 new features and enhancements!

by Karen Smith

We are pleased to announce the release of Virtuo HR eRecruit 2.3.46 .

Virtuo eRecruit is a module for Virtuo HR , designed to publish vacancies to an organization's website and receive candidate applications electronically. Applications and resumes are automatically uploaded removing the burden of manual data entry for the HR department.

The new update carries many new features and enhancements, making the application process more efficient for both the candidate and the recruiter.

For more details, please download the General Release Guide from the Medi360 Portal.

Notable improvements include:

  • Changes to automatically repair an erroneous profile during login
  • Changes to the import process not to duplicate candidate records in Virtuo HR
  • Added Vacancy Question Answer Type and format
  • Added Gender drop down
  • The length of some fields has increased to match the Virtuo HR length
  • Province Code drop down will only display active provinces
  • Key Information display issue was resolved
  • eRecruit using reCaptcha V2 as Google has stopped supporting reCaptcha V1
  • New validation rules added to the Document Description in the ‘Add Document’ step to alleviate import errors to Virtuo HR
  • “Out of Memory” issue resolved with new suggested configuration to IIS settings
  • New option to SMTP settings allows use of SSL enabled and/or username & password on a secure SMTP server
  • New error log types have been added to the Administrator page to trap any errors generated in the application
  • MediSolution recommends using Chrome for RSS Feeds as Microsoft Edge does not support RSS add-ons
  • Overall performance of query response times with changes done to some eRecruit database indexes
To learn more about these and other improvements, login to the Medi360 portal and download the General Release Guide from the "Downloads" section.

About Virtuo HR

Virtuo Human Resources (HR) is a proven software solution designed specifically to streamline and simplify the complex administration of a healthcare facility’s most important resource – its people.