Virtuo MIS

Virtuo MIS software solutions for healthcare management encompass all areas of finance, decision support, supply chain, human resources and payroll.

Virtuo MIS offers the following modules:

  • Financial Management

    You can confidently go about your daily business knowing your financial, statistical and accounts receivable information is complete, accurate, and effortlessly assembled and distributed to authorized stakeholders with minimal intervention.

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  • Decision Support

    As healthcare organizations are faced with economic uncertainty, you need to know that you can plan, budget, execute, monitor and report results with timeliness and accuracy to allow immediate course correction.

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  • Supply Chain Management

    Total control of the entire source-to-settlement process is yours with a comprehensive suite of integrated and e-commerce enabled Supply Chain Management software that significantly reduces work and errors while improving efficiency to make a dramatic impact on the bottom line.

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  • Human Capital Management

    By simplifying and streamlining Human Capital Management processes, you can achieve total control of workforce-related costs and be constantly assured of employing your valuable human resources to maximum advantage.

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  • eCommerce Management

    eCommerce often refers to the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. However, the term may refer to more than just buying and selling products online.

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  • System Management

    Virtuo MIS Systems Management software equips staff to manage the technical aspects of all applications from a single location.

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